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One of the most exciting and ambitious of the three components of Compass 20/20 is the founding of Compass Bible Institute. The need for accessible and affordable higher education that is thoroughly biblical and committed to the highest view of God and Scripture can hardly be overstated.

Fewer and fewer options exist for those who want a thorough preparation for ministry at a school of higher education which has not compromised its view of God’s inspired word. It is our hope to launch Compass Bible Institute (CBI) as a Christian educational organization that will remain faithful until the Lord’s return to the view of the inerrancy of Scripture that Christ himself possessed. While there are like-minded Bible colleges and seminaries which offer distance education, nothing replaces the in-person classroom interaction between students and professors. At Compass Bible Institute we will have the opportunity to immerse students in an in-person classroom setting that is also inextricably connected to the active ministry of Compass Bible Church Aliso Viejo. This is a rare and, in many ways, ideal solution for theological education.

The goal of CBI will be to provide a thorough biblical education which will prepare men and women for leadership in Christian ministry.

CBI will seek to meet the training needs of those who will plant churches, those who aspire to full-time employment in Christian ministry, and those who desire to serve in key leadership roles as highly committed participants in their churches.

CBI will develop and provide courses in Bible, theology, spiritual disciplines, biblical languages, comparative religions, church history, expository preaching, biblical counseling, ministerial leadership, worship, and church management. Areas of study will be provided for those who aspire to be pastors, biblical counselors, church planters, church administrators, youth ministers, and worship leaders.

Classes at CBI will be taught by experienced pastors, qualified ministry leaders, and a variety of visiting professors from top Bible schools and seminaries.

The resolve of Compass Bible Institute will be to always avoid doctrinal drift, while seeking to appropriately address the issues of the day that have bearing on the Church. CBI will tenaciously strive to maintain a strict fidelity to a biblical gospel and a sound theological position on all doctrinal matters.

The launch of Compass Bible Institute will be made possible by the purchase of the building located at 145 Columbia, which stands directly across the street from the main Compass auditorium at 150 Columbia. God’s favor in having this perfectly situated piece of real estate come available for purchase is truly providential and a reminder of God’s great blessings to us. We can be confident that the acquisition of this building will be a memorable high point in the history of our church.

The location of Compass Bible Institute, directly adjacent to Compass Bible Church, will not only allow us to conveniently meet the educational and training needs of homegrown church planters and those in our home church, but it will also be an accessible educational destination for those who seek training from other churches, including the growing number of Compass Bible churches in various places.

The inauguration of Compass Bible Institute by our current congregation might end up having the most significant and longest lasting impact for Christ that any group of resolute and visionary Christians could have on their society.

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