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Now is the time to utilize the momentum of the first decade and a half to see the impact of Compass effectively multiplied, as we sharpen our focus on the Great Commission of Christ.

Nothing could be more important than the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One million years from today, the one thing that will be as relevant then as it is now is the good news that Christ laid down his life to grant us forgiveness and make us right before our Maker. That compelling message is laid out in the pages of the Bible—a book that God said will eternally stand when all else fades away (Isaiah 40:8).

As you know, God has called us to be ambassadors of his word and has commissioned us to take his urgent and supremely important message to our generation. Compass Bible Church is serious about that task, and is committed to seeing as many people as possible impacted by clear biblical exposition and the compelling call to rightly respond to the saving message of the gospel.

When Compass Aliso Viejo was founded in 2005, we resolved to look beyond the borders of our neighborhood in hopes of being used by God to not only saturate South Orange County with the gospel, but to always be working to plant other Bible-teaching churches that would in turn be passionate about reaching their communities for Christ.

God’s good hand has been on Compass Bible Church in the almost 15 years of engaging in this good work. Churches have been planted, gifted leaders have been identified and raised up, and hundreds in our community have been brought to faith in Christ—having their sins forgiven and their lives forever changed.


Goal #1
Reaching People for Christ

Goal #2
Teaching People to Be Like Christ

Goal #3
Training People to Serve Christ

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